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Blue Rose Project

Blue Rose Project

Blue Rose Project

The Blue Rose is a Movement
A closed Blue Rose is a Victim, Struggling to be free
An open Blue Rose is a survivor who has found their voice.
We are survivors and supporters who heal through our art.
We would like to use that art to help educate, entertain, empower and lift you up.

The Amazing WoMen Artist/Poetry Showcase is a storyboard of artist whose mission is healing through art. We will break our silence speaking out against the taboos and traumas of sexual abuse and domestic violence while empowering others to find their voice.

Family and friends do not always know or understand why, the hidden secrets or what the struggles and dysfunction of traumas are. Anxiety, fear, shame, rejection, self-blame, and guilt are some of the symptoms of trauma. Survivors may cope by burying it with avoidance, addiction, denial, forgetting, minimizing and rationalizing. For many of us it was about putting pen to paper.

Our participating artist, supporters and survivors, not in this order will be Art Collins, Diana Garlington, Gem Barros, Lucci, Lyzz Zinn, Pat Rossi, Tim Hall, Maggie Leon and Toni Rose. Will be performing with the Jeff Robinson Trio… Healing Through Art; Poetry explores the inner world of the unconscious, bringing emotions, thoughts and memories to surface. Singing helps you tap into and release the most painful emotions head on. Music helps you to relax your mind, escape reality, thus allowing one’s body to loosen up, release the inner tensions bringing peace and spirituality.

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138